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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  July 20, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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news chopper 2 is up in the sky. we'll have more on that coming up. we're live in mountain view, where investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire at a u-haul business. we'll tell you why the manager thinks it could be connected to gas thieves. >> reporter: a protest over a police shooting brings out 150 people into the streets of san francisco. how the police chief intends to cool fears tonight. also, the 9ers/raiders may soon team up for a project that may change bay area pro football forever. "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning, everyone. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm mike mibach. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, july 20th. our top story, a fatal accident on 101 san jose airport. let's go right to sal. >> all right. i want to go right to
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newschopper2, showing us the slow traffic here on 101 because of a fatal motorcycle crash blocking three lanes of southbound 101 as you approach the san jose international airport between san thomas and trimbell. they are still doing an investigation. the traffic here for most people is very, very slow. it's backed up all the way to the 280 interchange and beyond that even because people are slowing down. even though, again, all of the northbound lanes are open. this if a huge problem -- this is a huge problem. let's go right to jade hernandez. she's on the ground. >> reporter: you can see behind me traffic is slow. just past this accident three lanes are closed. in fact, the chp is keeping us behind this squad car this
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morning. they are not allowing us to go past the car because the accident investigation is still going on. this accident happened moments before 6:00 this morning. we're told by the chp that a speeding van and a motorcycle collided. unfortunately, this morning, this was a deadly accident. the motorcycle was destroyed in this accident and as i mentioned, the investigator is still ongoing. look at traffic right now. you can just see that everyone is going one by one, car by car, vehicle by vehicle, what a tieup this morning. we are live along southbound 101 between santa clara boulevard and san thomas expressway. we're gonna take you back to newschopper2. as sal mentioned, we're near the airport. we're about a six-minute drive. any one in and around this area will find they will be caught up in in traffic. only southbound 101, northbound opened at sas -- as sal
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mentioned and we'll keep an eye on this during "mornings on 2." 7:02. new information is coming out about what may have led to eight u-haul truck the catching fire. it started at the u-haul facility in mountain view. -- led to a u-hall truck catching fire. it started at the u-hall facility in mountain view. tara has more. >> reporter: good morning. the owner says vandals have been stealing from here, and that manager believes could be linked to this. you can see where the trucks were once blocking this entranceway to the back lot where the fire began. they've been moved. the manager says he does that to try to ward off the thieves. the flames broke out around
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midnight. there are propane tanks it, stored in the nord. so officials were concerned there could be an explosion. they forced the evacuation of two dozen people nearby. the u-haul manager says trying to catch them backfired. >> i thought it was a deterrent to them. i had no idea it could cause such a problem. >> reporter: with the firefighters not being able to gain access -- gain access? >> exactly. >> reporter: the firefighters had to cut a hole in order to access the yard. it did cost them valuable time. tall of the evacuees are back in, safe and sound. damage officials -- official estimates are not in. but they say they will probably
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be pretty steep. and the dogs are expected to come out here to sniff around for accelerants, to see if this was done on purpose. back to you? >> thank you. police are investigating the death of a woman around 11:30 last night at the deluxe inn. police found the woman with a gunshot wound in the parking lot. the ambulance was called. she was pronounced dead at the scene. she's 30 years old. her family is being withheld until her family is notified. 7:05. greg sur will hold a community meeting tonight. he will try to cool down the growing tensions tied to last saturday's shooting. kraig degrow is live with more on the demonstration that -- debro is live with more on the demonstrations that led to arrests. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning,er totry.
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the -- good morning, tori. >> reporter: -- the chief will be talking to people, opening up -- open up the lines of communication. there was handgun or firearms residue on the hands of the person shot saturday night. about 30 people arrested. so far, the protesters have just been cited. police say they had to beat back protesters when they didn't follow instructions during the march. about 150 people marched from delores park earlier in the evening. protesters were upset over a police shooting that took place over the weekend. during the march protesters are being blamed for breaking glass. they are also being blamed for some vandalism in the castro. the demonstrations are being held to protest the shooting death of a 19-year-old seattle
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man. >> from what i have heard, it seems like the police had to do it, what any did. >> there's the oscar grant thing and they shot the guy on the b.a.r.t. last week and now this? it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: police shot and killed kenneth harding junior. police say harding ran away and then began firing from a weapon. immediately following the shooting, police p couldn't find the weapon. a witness -- they stay they got it from a witness a couple of days later. yesterday, police say residue from a gun was found on his hands. police say he was a parolee, and a person of interest in the shooting death of a seattle woman. tonight, the police chief will try to explain the police position on what happened on saturday in trying to cool fears. >> we have posted raw video of last night's demonstration on our channel 2 website. go to the death of a man in police custody is being
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investigated in san jose. 51-year-old man was arrested sunday morning on suspicion of dui and drug foe session. while in a holding cell, he began to complain of stomach pains and was taken to a nearby hospital. that's when police say he went into distress. police say he died when his family removed him from life support. a san jose woman is by hind bars accused of trying to snatch a 3-year-old girl from her hope -- from her own home. it happened monday on park avenue. police say the young woman first tried to lure the girl in the back yard. police say the woman followed the person who removed the child into the home. she was arrested a few blocks away. roseville police are after four people who tried to light a neighborhood on fire. they were caught ton surveillance camera, lighting rolls of toilet taper and
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throwing them into dry brush near homes. the video was taken on july 4th by a neighborhood security camera along a well manufacture used walking trail. but it was the children who alerted about the shovels. >> i got here as soon as i could. i found four different areas of toilet paper rolls. i could not get this fire out. it was the size of my front yard. meantime, homeowners posted fliers about this along the trail and for some reason, most of those fliers were turned down. the bay area's two football teams may soon be teaming up. the 49ers and raiders have been meeting to discuss the possibility of sharing a new stadium. the raiders and 9ers currently
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play in two of the oldest stadiums in the nfl. and the commissioner has repeatedly said the teams should consider building a stadium together. the debt ceiling standoff continues in washington. a bill passed by the house-led republicans last night is expected to go nowhere in the u.s. senate today. but coming up at 7:15, we'll learn more about the bipartisan proposal that's providing a glimmer of hope as the deadline draws near. less than two weeks away. let's check in with sal. sal, a busy morning down in santa clara, right by the san jose airport. what are things looking like? >> well, southbound 101 as you drove to the santa monica expressway area, there is a crash that's blocking the freeway down to one lane and the carpool lane are open. this is a fatal motorcycle accident. >> northbound 101 traffic is very slow because people are
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looking at the crash from the other side of the road. there's quite a bit of activity and northbound 101 is babbled up beyond 280. if you are trying to get to the san jose airport. you need to allow extra time or perhaps use one of the other roads instead. this is a huge problem for northbound 101 even if you drive this tway, you know none of the lanes are blocked northbound. it will still be a big hassle. if you are driving on the nimitz freeway, we have slow traffic here in hayward, southbound backing up from about just south of 238 down to tennyson. san mateo bridge looks nice after a delay. and the dumbarton bridge looks nice. if you drive on the dumbarton
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bridge it's smelly near the radio towers. what are those? tweet me. 7:11. let's go to steve. >> i'm gonna guess the tide. garning. we have sunshine, warm weather inland. by the coast there's still pockets of fog. another tweet from laurel. parts of the marin coast, san mateo/santa cruz coastline. it's very shallow. high temperatures are inland. as you know, it's been very, very cool. antioch 90 degrees. today, 92. that should be your high this time of year. the coastal temperatures have been actually close to normal. had a big nothing bank yesterday. some of it is starting to come back a little bit. temperatures 60s, already for
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some. we're running normal on the lows. here but some of the higher elevations -- are about 70 degrees. there's some warm air aloft. it won't take long to get to the surface. 50s and 60s. >> thick fog on parts of the coast. not the entire coast. sunny and warmer. won't have to go far to find some warm weather. 91 pittsburgh, 73 alameda. 84, san jose, fremont, 81. 74, though, san bruno still some 60 on the coast.
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fog will be increasing temperatures will come down but we'll still be okay just not as warm pass today. is the new leader of the taliban dead? the terrorist group stays no but they explain how this false message hot got out to journalists -- message got out to journalists.
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well, clear skies for many. just some patchy fog. there's not a lot there. temperatures inland, they will warm up. upper 80s to low 90s. a lot of 70s and 80s close to the bay. in sacramento, it was like a scene from a horror movie for
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a family trying to get away from a burglar. >> it was screaming. >> shannon carter returned home from the movies with her children on tuesday morning to find sheriff deputies looking for a burglary suspect in the neighborhood. carter said she locked her doors and garage, made a picnic lunch and made a -- and opened the door so they could all leave in the suv. when they reached the back of the suv, the suspect popped up. >> he came flying forward in a hot second. >> the suspect kept apologizing saying he was not gonna hurt anyone. carter say the suspect was a teenager with sandy hair and a buzz cut. she's grateful he was not violent. one plan to raise the debt
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ceiling is expected to die this week. but the second proposal is fartherring to -- is starting to gain some momentum. alison burns has more. >> reporter: tori, j must about 45 minutes -- tori, in just about 45 minutes, barbara boxer will be rallying with other democrats to rally -- against the bill. president obama is promising a veto. it passed the house last night. >> on this vote, the yeas are 244. >> reporter: it is expected to fail in the democratic- controlled senate. now debate over how to raise the debt limit turns to the so- called gang of six. a group of democrats and republicans who have struck a deal on their own. >> i think everybody comes out with a win -- comes out a winner with the proposal we
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have. that plan cuts the deficit by about 3.7 trillion over ten years. about 26% of the savings from tax increases, 74% from spending cuts. president obama seems to like it but the question now is, is there time to pull it all together with less than two weeks left before the nation reaches its debt limit and risks default? reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allison -- alison. moments ago, minnesota's governor signed the budget plan. the last vote came in around 1:30 our time ending a three- week shutdown. in the end, democratic governor mark dayton gave up on his plan for tax increases and republicans agree to soften spending cuts. 22,000 state workers are expected to be back on the job tomorrow. two u.s. citizens are being
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charged with helping pakistan tilt u.s. policy against india's control of kashmir. the two men are accused of failing to register as pakistan citizens. and for using their washington manufacture based lobbyist group to promote pakistani control of kashmir. the fbi also claims they funneled campaign donations to members of congress and presidential candidates to help their cause. workers say recognition will put them in danger, talking about the help being given to pakistan, that will help win over the hearts and minds in pakistan. but aide groups say being linked to the u.s. will make them targets. a new report shows that foreign investment is on track to double this year but the u.s. is slow to get in on the
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act. iraq attracted almost $46 billion in foreign investment during the first half of this year. that's about $3 billion more than all of that last year. but according to consullants, 6.4% of the -- of that money is from u.s. caps. -- from the u.s. companies. a spokesman said someone hacked into al qaeda's leader's phone and sent out a -- sent out a fake message that omar was dead. he ruled most of afghanistan as leader of its taliban government before the u.s. invasion in october of 2001. it was an unusual wedding day for one bride who spent her big day in jail. this is 53-year-old tammy lee
7:22 am
hinkton. michigan police say she was arrested during her wedding ceremony. she's wanted on a three-year old warrant for felony identity theft. police say she declined to change out of her wedding dress for this mugshot. she was released on bond after her arrest and police say she went to her own reception. >> wow. all right. a grisly discovery in a movie van. a car crash into a fire hydrant causes demands. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor could be delayed again. today, a los angeles county judge will consider dr. mur pray's request to push back the trial set now for latest -- for late september. murray is accused of giving jackson a lethal dose of a powerful an necessary tick -- anesthetic. authorities are working to find a man whose van was parked that had -- whose van was parked and had four parking tint on the windshield. authorities are trying to figure out the cause of death but they do not suspect foul play. a police chase in los angeles, and a carjacking suspect. the suspect crashed into a fire
7:26 am
hydrant and sheared it off. let's check in with sal. hopefully nothing quite that traumatic. >> let's take a look at this problem we have on 101 southbound in santa clara. this is the san thomas expressway. this fatal crash is blocking three lanes of 101 here on southbound 101 near the san thomas expressway. northbound 101 is the bigger problem, this fatal crash happened about an hour and a half ago involving a motorcycle and a van. i want to show you a live look at interstate 280. a lot of -- a lot of people are using 280 instead. so is 85, getting past the problem. we have other things to see
7:27 am
now. highway 4 very slow in antioch. it's slow in bay point. 80 westbound at potrero. traffic is jam-packed heading on west down to the el cerrito area. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. mostly sunny. just some pochs of fog more on the santa cruz coast and hardly any on the sonoma coast. we're out of the gate with sunshine and warm weathers. it looks like some of that fog will just kind of keep the coast in the 60s or low -- 60s or low -- for low 70s. each day about 3 to 5%. we've been below average. any warming today will top out and we'll start a cooling trend and more fog will be on -- will be on the increase over the next few days.
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thanks, steve. right now is peak time for pot growing. the big money bust in one bay area county. >> reporter: we're live along southbound 101 in santa clara where a deadly accident is caught -- is causing this. we'll have more on that coming up. also a house of worship becomes a crime scene.
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we're following developing news. a deadly motorcycle crash near the santa clara/san jose border this morning. jade hernandez is live on highway 101 where the morning commute is a lot worse than usual. we can see it behind you. >> reporter: that's trite. ktvu's sal castanedo has been keeping viewers up to date. we can show you three lanes of southbound traffic are closed in santa clara. we're just in front of the santa clara exit off the 101. as you can see, this accident investigation is not over. police are not giving us any details other than this was a
7:32 am
deadly collision involving one speeding motorcycle. i was just told by the chp there may be more vehicles involved but for now, that's what we can confirm. the medical examiner is not here yet and officers are not telling us much about the victim or the cause or how the van's driver is doing. let's take a look at newschopper2 video. newschopper2, this accident is starting to back up traffic moments after it happened around 6:00. this traffic tieup may last up to an hour and a half more until the chp opens up the lanes. right now we've been told that we can't go past this highway patrol squad car. you can see the accident. there's squad cars just down the road and a tow truck. as soon as we get more details, we'll pass them along to you. we can tell you that you will need to avoid this area in santa clara if you are out
7:33 am
driving around. back to you. 7:32. sheriff deputies in san mateo county are now looking for the burglars who broke into a search rec room. it happened earlier this month at the woodside village church on woodside road. investigators say the thieves tried -- pried open a side door and made off with thousands of electronicses sound equipment they also stole a dvd. they also stole a dvd player. the chp says it does not know why a man was walking on i- 80 last night in east richmond. authorities say the pedestrian died after a white chevrolet malibu slammed into him just after 9:00 p.m. officers say he was standing in the number three westbound lane east of the mcbryde avenue. the chp is now looking for the driver. officers say the car sustained front-end damage.
7:34 am
the oakland city council is looking to double the number of medical dispensaries. the four dispensaries currently sell an estimated $28 million of marijuana each year. the council also approved to charge a $5,000 fee to apply for a dispensary permit and an annual fee of $60,000 to run the dispensary. the ordinances must still be finalized during a second hearing. the santa clara it -- the santa clara deputy's office has if -- has and continues to look for drugs illegal -- illegal
7:35 am
use of drugs. same-sex marriage is in the spotlight on capitol hill. this morning a senate committee is holding its first hearing on legislation to repeal the defense of marriage act. and coming up at 7:45, we'll explain how senator diane fine fine is leading the charge. right now, yosemite park rangers are preparing to continue their search for one or more hikers who witnesses saw 3 -- who witnesses saw fall 300 feet over the side of a waterfall. yesterday, rangers received multiple calls staying at least one -- saying at least one person was pulled over along the merced river.
7:36 am
>> everybody was like, what's going on? now you have to change your plans. it's really sad for the family. we saw the family going down the trail with the rescue and search team. >> route now, rangers are not confirming exactly what happened or how many people were missing but witnesses say they saw at least flee people fall in the water before being swept over the waterfall. florida authorities have arrested a teenager for killing his parents and hosting a party with the bodies still in his home. authorities say he bludgeoned to death his family and then held a party with about a dozen friend the. he faces two counts of first- degree murder. authorities are still looking for a motive. new details interest
7:37 am
emerging about allegations of child molestation at a -- at a private school in sacramento. a complaint filed states that several female students were touched by the school's prince pam robert adams. at least ten students have come forward with the same allegations. police say adams is the focus of -- is the focus of its investigation but has not been arrested. ma county is offering its con dome licenses to the family of the -- marin county is offering its condolences to the family whose family member was killed. he was asked to come to petaluma to help a family friend in a domestic dispute. investigators say that's when he was shot and killed by the friend's ex-boyfriend, the 2- year-old. investigators say the friend's brother then shot the ex- boyfriend to death. >> he was a great person.
7:38 am
he gave his life by stepping up . he will be missed. there's been another pedestrian fatality on caltrains tracks. caltrain says a train hit a man in lawrenceville last night around 6:45. the man's name has not been released. it's unclear if the death was a suicide or an accident. this is the fifth fatality in seven weeks on the caltrain. b.a.r.t. is teaming up with a luxury carmaker to destein -- to design its new rail cars. design works will create the look and layout of b.a.r.t.'s new train cars which are expected to be introduced to
7:39 am
the system in 2017. 7:38. we want to check in with sal. >> we have the fallout from this crash in the south bay. i want to let you know that the crash is affecting the entire south bay region. let's take a look at some other things, though. we're gonna show you a crash here on 80 westbound at potrero avenue. this is becoming a big issue. the traffic is at a standstill here. now, we moved down to hayward and we have slowed traffic from hayward union city in fremont, very slow traffic there. >> 280. people are using that instead. remember the accident is southbound 101 near the san jose airport. northbound 101 is busy. 280 and 85 are taking the brunt
7:40 am
of the commute there. oakland northbound 8 0 at fruitvale. they are clearing an accident. if you drive on 880 if it -- it is backing up past the coliseum. more people will be on 580. all of a sudden, there's traffic almost everywhere. 7:39. let's go to steve. >> good morning. we have clear skies mainly. mainly. a little bit of patchy fog on the coast. it's been fog on the go. we get a little break from that today. there are areas with thick fog. high pressure even though -- i mean, what's interesting, you read some of the discussions from the weather services across the country. they are talking in boston about in high pressure building to the east. we're on the extreme western edge of this high. it's dominating most of the country. however, temperatures inland
7:41 am
have been so far above average. today is 2001 of those days. antioch's average high, it 90. today, 92. sal cal -- camly stow ga -- calistoga and the inland temperatures have been around 10, 15 degrees below average. tine -- finally inching below average. so inland locations will not have a problem warming up. the pattern is like a one-day event where we get the warm up and it looks like another system will drop in and we'll see lower pressure and more of a west wind trying to kick in f this is a one manufacture day event where we get the temperatures in the upper 70s
7:42 am
-- upper 80s and low 90s. today, sunnyside up and good to go for warmer weather. some pockets. but most of it -- i did it again, toshry. i always -- you have to be a speed reader to get those temperatures. i had why thes and low 90s -- i had os and low 90s. 80s and 90s. . only -- only on 2, the los
7:43 am
altos windsurfer shares her amazing story of spending the night in the bay. kathy kateen got stranded when the wind died down and she was alone with her sail. to stay day -- to stay alive she had to cling to her board and dredge water. >> getting cold. so i had to keep swimming the whole time. >> ktvu morning news caught the dramatic rescue yesterday live. we've posted more of the rescued video. a huge order for planes. american airlines places a record-setting order for new jets and why in could be a game
7:44 am
changer in the airline industry. a legal victory for hugh grant. what the british actor can now do as part of the phone hacking scandal. whoa!! the really big chicken sandwich combo is back! and it's as big as ever. i'm gonna jump it! you can't jump that! it's two chicken patties, topped with bacon, and melting cheese plus seasoned curly fries and a drink for only $3.99! what do you know? your only a baby! vrrrrooooom! i'm t-rex and i came out of extinction cuz i heard the combo was back!
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numbers are taking a bit of a breather after the biggest jump of the year stow far yesterday. there are local stocks to watch. apple, it's up almost 3% after the income doubled next quarter and clorox is up 3 1/2%. stocks are down, though, the dow is currently down 6 to 12,5
7:47 am
0. nasdaq down 4 1/2. s&p is up 1. among the reason stocks are down, new this morning sales of existing homes slipped to a seven-year low. the national association of realtors said homes fell .0 -- month 8%. -- fell .0.8%. delta airlines is cutting service to 24 cities. one includes sow, city -- sikes city iowa and other cities -- soux city iowa and other cities. the change is scheduled to take place in mid-october. american airlines is buying at least 460 new planes in the next five years. 260 of the more fuel efficient
7:48 am
jets will come from airbus, which is a major victory for the european plane manufacturer. news of the big order overshadowed american's announcement it lost $260 million in the last quarter which is more than industry experted had expected. the same-sex marriage debate is under-- underway on capitol hill and leading the charge is dianne feinstein. claudine wong joins us live from the newsroom with what's happening right now. >> in sickness and in meth, until death they do part. >> that was feinstein at the press club in washington. she went on to say "this is not a cause we're going to drop.
7:49 am
if we don't succeed this session, we'll try again next session." president obama has also thrown his support behind the bill. let's take a look at the hearing right now. the bill would extend full benefits to married comes nationwide, regardless of their sexual orientation 41 states banned same-sex marriage. six states and the district of columbia recognize it. among those states, new york, who, this weekend, for the first time, will perform same- sex marriage. if you head to the castro this attacked, you may see new york's flag and the plan is to raise it during the same-sex marriage ceremonies.
7:50 am
they are apparently still work on some of the logistics to make sure it can all happen but the plan is to have the ceremony saturday and have the flag out all weekend long. back to you. >> thank you. britain's prime minister answered tough questions from parliament this morning about miss former communications cheap. david cameron defended his decision to hire andy kolston. he resigned from the tabloid after -- after a reporter and investigator were jailed. colst to. n is one of then arrested. mr. camny ron says his former chief is innocent until proven guilty. british actor hugh grant has won a legal victory relating to the hacking case. today a judge that they must hand over information to him. the ruling comes after police
7:51 am
told grant there bass evidence his voice mail may have been intersented -- there was evidence his voice mail may have been intercepted. during testimony yesterday, rupert murdoch said there was no evidence that ever occurred about police officers and 911 victims' phone calls. still to come -- the changes the rangers are about to make to their stadium. and why the city is asking whether you will pay $80 each year in texas -- each year in taxes.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
the city will ask voters to approve an $80 a year parcel tax. mayor quan said the measure would raise $11 million annually. the money would men pay for police officer, city workers and libraries. the texas rangers are making safety changes to their ballpark following the death of a fan there earlier this month. ballpark officials plan to raise the railings to 42 inches. right now they are only at 26 inches but that's still move the -- above the minimum requirement. a firefighter two attacks ago plunged to his death while reaching for a baseball thrown to him by josh hamilton. merc doe today could make landfill within the next 36 hours -- hurricane dora could make landfall within the next 36 hours. the mexican government is preparing shelters in resort areas. dora is the fourth hurricane of
7:55 am
the eastern pacific season. well, he might have used up a few lives but rascal is being called one lucky cat. back on july 11th, 75 days after a tornado destroy his alabama moment, rascal was found alive. his weight was down to about two pounds and his collar became tangled around his front left leg. rascal is expected to make a full recovery. we want to check in with sal, get an update on the crash. >> that's right, tori. we do have very heavy traffic on southbound 101 because of the trash and we have a picture of it here on southbound 101 as the cars wind down getting out to just one plain. you can see there is our cram today and you can move to the right -- there is our cam today and you can move to the right
7:56 am
-- camera and you can move to the right. police announced they will be out there investigating until 9:00. northbound 101 is also slow. you can see it's a big traffic jam there. let's go to the state -- let's go to the 101. a lot of people are avoiding 101 because of this crash. contra costa county has slow traffic. we're looking at hayward. we have very slow traffic here in this area near the san mateo bridge and then livermore has some -- has some slow traffic coming in. burlingame, san mateo, that's more of a routine commute. let's go to steve. we have a lot of sunshine today, some patchy fog and what's there is kind of thick,
7:57 am
about from belinas, kind. does a "v" toward the golden gate and then farthers of the city and then the san mateo coast and santa cruz coast. a gulf tweets coming in. brian says i wish -- "i wish every morning was like this. the sun is out." not a lot of fog. but mainly just right by the coast. 50s and 60s. another system is taking aim and that looks like an increase in the fog probably starting tonight. otherwise, it's clear, sunny, and warmer. a little haze. 60s, 70s, 80s. temperatures are actually slightly above near the coast and bay and a little bit above or near average temperatures.
7:58 am
a little bit of a cooldown as we go into the weekend. he was buried alive on a santa cruz beach. doctors now have a grim update on a teenager from orinda. adin, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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welcome back. i'm torpry campbell. >> i'm mike mibach. dave hark has the day off. it's -- clark has the day off. it's wednesday, july 20th. we begin with a story we've been following all morning. authorities remain at the scene of a deadly accident. jade hernandez has more. jade? >> reporter: that's right. this accident started to back up traffic right after it happened, around 6:00. as you can see, that's the end of it, just drove through. this scene actually extends about 2/10ths of a mile up the
8:01 am
road. so a very long scene for investigators to go through this morning. for the next hour, officers will be taking pictures of the area. traffic is down to one lane. that's just because it's just past this accident, those exits. i want too look at this video -- to look at this video. newschopper2 captured these. chp officers are not giving us many details about this accident right now. other than this was a deadly collision involving at least one speeding van and motorcycle. we don't know anything about the victim or how the man is faring. this is near the santa clara/san jose border. in fact, san jose international is just four miles from this
8:02 am
vantage point. we've been fold a spokesperson is on the way to update us. all we know, traffic may remain light for at least another hour while this portion of southbound 101 is closed during the investigation. again, we should get an update here in a little bit and we will pass that information along to you. the orinda teenager, ryan buchanan, is in a perpetual vegetative state. last month he was digging a sandcastle when the sand gave way and covered him. sfo. bryan stow has had a
8:03 am
setback. he underwent surgery after a major seizure. the reward money has risen to $225,000. yesterday, los angeles county supervisors voted to increase their contribution by another $25,000. 31-year-old geovany ramirez remains the -- remains the prime minister on stow outside of dodger stadium but he has still not been charged in in case. police say they are -- in this case. police say they are looking for two other suspects. there is a new effort to put an end to a teenage crime plague f one group is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and is asking other organizations to do the same.
8:04 am
barbara parker will serve the remainder of john russo's term which ends in jan of 2013. she's spent the last years working in the city attorney's office. right now, the investigation continues into eight u-haul trucks that caught fire. it started a the u-hall facility in mountain view on el ka me yoreal near interstate 237. tara moriarty is live why why -- with why past gas thefts may be linked to the fire. >> reporter: good morning. investigators are gonna be looking at more tape taken from this morning's fire to determine if those robbers are
8:05 am
somehow imly dated -- implicated. if we take a look at the video shot in the early-morning hours, flames broke out around midnight near trucks parked between a hotel and a fire is store -- and a store. eight trucks were damaged. the u-haul manager thinks this could be linked to -- linked to those who regularly siphon gas out of the pump. >> i would think 200, 300 gallons per time because of the amount of trucks we have. >> reporter: so thousands of dollars? >> definitely thousands of dollars. maybe thousands of dollars at one time. >> reporter: that adds up to
8:06 am
30,000 firefighters had to cut a hole in a nearby fence to access the yards. this did delay firefighters response time. now, all of the evacuees are back inside. they are safe and sound and damage estimates are not in but officials believe they are gonna be pretty steep. dogs are also supposed to be coming out here. they are gonna sniff -- they are gonna sniff around and find some accelerant. we're live in mountain view. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. today a state lawmaker from san francisco will formally enter the bizarre political battle over circumcision. fiona ma will join us opposing this. she says the proposed law would put police and politicians in
8:07 am
charge of making a very learnal -- personal decision. opponents call this a form of mutilation. stall, i know you've been keeping an eye on other roadways across the bay area. >> the best freeway is 280. looking pretty good. you can avoid all of the 101 stuff. and that's been a mess getting into the south bay because of the crash we've been covering since it happened people are trying to avoid using 80.
8:08 am
and richmond parkway, people have figured out that alternate route. this is interstate 880. there was an earlier crash at fruitvale. that's northbound 8 0 on your right, right by the col low see yum. 80 westbound the traffic is gonna be busy coming out to the toll plaza. the toll plaza cam today 20 away -- the toll plaza cam trau. good morning. patchy fog, sunny and warmer for almost everybody here today except maybe right along the immediate coast. a little bit more fog as we go into tomorrow. it will be nice to warm. the weekend looks like an increase in the fog probably saturday, sunday. sunday may be warmer.
8:09 am
the fog will burn off. look for low, mid-70s. we're already in the 60s. overnight lows. we're about 4 to 5 degrees warmer. 67 at fairfield. 64 san rafael/napa. everything is looking good for warmer weather. you can see the leading edge -- it's like a spoke and a wheel.
8:10 am
sunshine, plenty. thick fog. i didn't lose the north bay here. sonoma, 88. kentfield, 85. clearlake, 92. 91 for fairfield. livermore, danville in there. san ramon. 7 for downtown oakland. fog will be increasing. that means cooler temperatures should get a warmup maybe monday or tuesday. two men are in custody this morning in connection with the
8:11 am
death of a woman whose body was found burning in oakland's rockridge neighborhood. police spotted the suspects near macarthur boulevard yesterday afternoon. investigators say the men took off running but a helicopter was called in and they captured the men within a couple of hours. happening in washington, d.c., a discussion about how debt ceiling talks could negatively impact minority communities. the congressional black cuss and the congressional asian pacific called a conference. >> the potential impact on minority communities of which we represent, obviously. this is on a -- is none at esoteric or an abstract that's taken place. because we don't know the particulars, it's hard to
8:12 am
address the proposals, other than we know there are discussions that would -- that could very well impact the beneficiary a -- ben fish aries. beneficiaries. when we're talking at some proposals, even on debt ceilings and conditions such as saying, well, expenddy thursday are spending and they can't increase a certain percentage of jpd. we need to reform our entitlement programs. na sounds like something you need to be looking at. how far, what is the true impact? our fear is it gonna impact our communities in various ways that are -- >> you are listening in there.
8:13 am
you can tell that the debt ceiling debate impacting not just politicians in washington, d.c. but communities across the country. we'll have a live property from washington on this exact issue coming up. anyone old enough to remember, knows exactly what they were doing on -- what they were doing on this historic day 4 iters -- 42 years ally -- 4 -- 42 years ago.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
good morning. we have mostly sunny skies almost everywhere. just a few hints of some fog. we heard from suzanne. she's at ocean beach. she says the sun is out. it's 63. preliminary 70 inland. it will be warm to hot with temperatures in the 80s and 90s. arizona lawmakers will unavailable today a website to raise money for a border fence. the online campaign hopes to raise $50 million. 82 miles remain unfenced along the arizona border with mexico. the proposal calls for inmates' labor but opponents, including property owners and sheriff, say the plan won't work. a mile of tenting costs between $1 million and -- fencing costs
8:17 am
between $1 million and $3 million, it's estimated. 563,000 illegal immigrants have made the bay area their home, it's reported. that's about% of the region's total population. here is the breakdown. napa county had the highest percentage of illegal immigrants in the bay area. san francisco had the lowest. congressional leaders my be headed back to the white house on talks on how to possibly praise the debt limit. >> reporter: the gang of six says it's reached a deal on the path that could pave the way
8:18 am
for the plan. it would save about $3 trillion. 74% comes from spending cuts. conservatives have vowed not to support any tax increases but gang of six republicans it says the tax reforms in the plan will actually lower many tax rates. in is a live look at a news conference with senate democrats of california senator barbara boxer is there. the senate takes up the gop's cut, cap and balance bill that passed the house last night. senator boxer and other democrats are holding this event to rail against the bill. they say it will destroy social security and medicare. it's unlikely to pass the senate and president obama has
8:19 am
promised a vie toe -- a veto. it is:18. a federal court has overturned two felony convictions of a man who posted online messages urging people to shoot barack obama weeks before he was elected president. a panel from the u.s. circuit court of appeals ruled that water's bagasarian mess ans were dangerous but were protected but -- messages were dangerous but were protected by free speech. today, first lady michelle obama will talk about stores serving healthy food. walmart plans to open another 300 stores by 20 -- by 2016.
8:20 am
walgreens will include fruits and vegetables in their stores. and she will also make an appearance upon extreme home edition and help a crew build a boarding house for homeless veterans. the episode is scheduled to air in october. 42 years ago today, man first set foot on the moon t was july 20th, 1969 when neil armstrong set foot on the moon soon after made by buzz aldrin. the crew is preparing for the
8:21 am
early-morning landing tomorrow. they checked the jets that will be used, setting up the findal landing. all 44 jets perform normally. "atlantis" is scheduled to touchdown 3:00 a.m. our time tomorrow. 2300 employees will be laid off after frontal system lands. 8,000 people will lose their jobs tat kennedy before the end of the year. thousands of nasa workers at other facilities including mission control in texas will also lose their jobs as the program now wraps up. nfl owners and players are still inching closer to a deal to end the lockout. both sides will meet today. they are still confident they can reach an agreement within
8:22 am
the next few days that. would save the nfl preseason which begins in a few weeks. yesterday, retired proplayers said they would not stand in the way of an agreement. casey anthony is out of jail and for the people in kentucky, that makes her an -- >> why are you showing the not guilty sign? >> this is the casey anthony look alike. people can throw at the guilty or innocent target. fair -- fairgoers say it's a way to ease their frustration. >> interesting. >> yeah. san francisco's subway system gets a ticket to ride. why the project is now on the
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
[ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today. plans to transform san francisco's subway system are moving forward. yesterday, transfor thetation approved $57 million for the
8:26 am
central project. the funds will help buy two tunnel boring machines and pay for the construction of a tuble launch box. this will extend the third t- line and connect from valley to chinatown. caltrans is asking residents of a mobile home park to stop feeding nearby birds. the birds are nesting in trees along the lohseure lake mobile home -- leisure lake mobile moment park. in order to build a sound tall some of those trees need to be cut down. but when the birds are nesting, those trees are protected by the migratory act. so they stay if you stop -- if the public stops feeding them they will go somewhere else and they can complete the work. it's hump day for many commuters -- computers -- common muters. let's -- commuters.
8:27 am
let's get right to sal. >> the commute has been really bad, not only on 101, i want to show you this picture near the de la cruz exit, you can see there's some activity, it looks like the coreyers in are getting radio take away this body. it looks like they already did. chp have told us they will be out there until 9:00 investigating this crash. i want to mention 80 westbound because it's very slow. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for about a 10 to 15-minute wait. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. we have mostly clear skies. most of the coast is not
8:28 am
dealing with any fog. everybody is in the 60s, including the city. a lot of sunshine today. warmer weather, although another system will begin a cooldown for us probably tomorrow. so today is the day for sunny side up and warmer weather with just a few pockets of thick fog. but overall, it's a beautiful morning. os, p os -- 60s, 70s, 80s and some low 90s. about the sage on thursday and it looks like an increase -- about the same on thursday and it looks like an increase. >> okay. thank you. the disturbing crimes caught on tape. also a fatal police shooting
8:29 am
leads to more trouble on the streets of san francisco. how the city's police chief is pulling down the growing tension.
8:30 am
8:31 am
we have new information on a developing story, a deadly motorcycle crash, it's a hit and run. jade hernandez is live along 101 with -- with who police are looking for. jade? >> reporter: we've learned, mike, that this is a deadly hit-
8:32 am
and-run accident. we've also learned this is a three-vehicle accident. that actually three vehicles were involved. i want you to take a look at -- take a look at newschopper2. the chp is telling me that a car, a van and a motorcycle were involved in in accident happening just after 6:00 this morning on southbound 101. this is the van's driver, he took off after the collision. that's what we're being told. the motorcyclist did not survive the impact. we don't know at this point whether drugs or alcohol played a role. but janine reynold with the chp joins us this morning. officer, you can tell me that a witness was able to see what exactfully happened just shortly after this collision happened? >> we have a accident that shortly before 6:00 was driving recklessly on the 101. and that the motorcyclist was
8:33 am
getting on the freeway and the van slided -- collided with the motorcyclist. the van then proceeded to collide with another vehicle as well. pulled over and the driver of the green dodge caravan fled the scene on foot. >> reporter: the chp is asking for the community's help? >> yes. we're asking for anybody who might have any kind of information on the driver of this vehicle. he's ascribed as approximately 5'1"0, about 30 years old -- 5'10", about po years -- 30 years old. he was last seen wearing brown utility workers. we're asking they contact the san jose office. >> reporter: the backup here, traffic around this accident is down to just one lane. how much lodger will the chp be out here? >> we expect it to be another 35, 40 minutes before we open
8:34 am
up the lanes. >> reporter: back to you. >> thank you, jade. san francisco police chief greg sur will hold a community meeting tonight in the city's bayview district. the chief will try to cool down the growing if tensions tied to last saturday's fatal police shooting. [ chanting ] >> reporter: our cam todays can't toured the day -- the chaos last night as police in riot gear arrested 35 protesters. the protesters were expressing their anger other -- acre -- anger over the shooting of the man on saturday. >> oscar grant and now this? it's just ridiculous. >> from what i've heard, it
8:35 am
sounds like police had reason to do what they did. the death of a man in police custody is being investigated. he was arrested by san jose police on sunday morning on suspicion of dui and drug possession. while a holding sell -- cell, be -- he began complaining of stomach pains and was taken to a nearby hospital. that's when police say he went into distress. he de -- he died when a family removed him of life support. police say a woman first tried to lure a young girl with candy while she was playing in
8:36 am
the back yard. the girl's sister realized something was wrong and took the toddler inside but police say the woman followed them into the home and tried to dake the girl. the girl's mother managed to fight the woman off. she was arrested just a few blocks away. at&t could start to install hundreds of cable boxes as soon as today. the board approved the installation. it allows at&t to build a stronger, fiberoptic network. critics say the boxes will be an eye sore and will attract strandals. san francisco supervisors also voted to modify the city's cell phone radiation law. cell phone retailers are required to educate users about potential health risks linked to radiation and phones. the new ordinance does not require the disclosure of radiation laws like a previous
8:37 am
law last year. raiders and niners currently play in two of the oldest stadiums in the nfl and the commissioner has repeatedly said the teams should consider billing a stadium together. roseville police are look for four people who tried to set fire to a neighborhood. dubbed the toilet paper arsonist they were caught ton surveillance lighting rolls and the video was taken by a neighborhood security camera wong a -- along a well manufacture used walking trail but it was kids who actually alerted one dad, gary homes, about the fires. >> i got over here as quick as i could and found four
8:38 am
different areas of toilet paper rolls on fire. i could not get this one put out. it was already the sides of my -- in -- it was already the size of my front yard. >> firefighters put out that damage -- put out that damage. jade hernandez, she just brought us the information about the hit and run. i want to bring in sal and what it is doing to the traffic. >> this caused traffic -- now, there is the -- let me turn this down -- there is a legend that we have. when you see red like that, it's less than 15 miles an hour. let's move this down. look how bad it is almost everywhere in the south bay. 101, 85, very slow, 280 is very
8:39 am
slow. this is all a chain reaction from the crash we've -- we've soon seeing in san jose. let's take a look at the highway. you can see how slow it is, still rolling up to the scene. you heard the chp officer tell jade hernandez they are making if prepare prices to open those lanes any moment now. that will really relieve things when they do. there is a daytime baseball game today. it's about from 12:30 to -- it's about from 12:30 to -- to 4:00. how is the weather for the game? it will be beautiful, sal. lots of sunshine, there's own lay few patches of fog mainly on the santa cruz coastline.
8:40 am
overall, lots of sunshine, warm weather. i was in walnut creek last sunday and maggie at crate and barrel stayed, you know, steve? i like the warmer weather. if you can just hang onto wednesday, because we'll have upper 80s and 90s. and that's what we are very -- that's what we're having this year. i wanted to show you all of the heat advisories that are posted in the midwest, the upper great lakes all the way to the northeast. i mean it's already 90 in minneapolis. it's not even yet noon? that's just unbelievable. there is the source of the high- pressure system it's controlling the entire country.
8:41 am
just a hint or two of some fog. but overall, it looks like a great day for everyone even if that fog on the santa cruz coast, i think that will lift. these are about 45 minutes old. i'm sure there's low 70s. another low is carving itself there. tomorrow we'll start to bring things down. but today, is an above-normal day for some or near normal. sunshine and warmer weather. pocketing of thicker fog but not much. we'll -- we'll go 60s, 70s.
8:42 am
88 sonoma, petaluma. 19 minutes before 9:00. birth control pills could soon be free if they are added to the medical services offered under the healthcare reform laws. the obama administration is considering adding contraceptives to prescriptions fully covered by the new laws. that would mean no copay for women who pick up their monthly medications but there's controversy because that would include controversy with the morning-after pill. >> i think we should not give people these means to destroy
8:43 am
life. the court hearing today tied to a re-- it tied to a recent -- is tried to a recent military base. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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8:45. let's get you updated on some of the top stories we're following right now. our cam todays can't toured the chaos last night while police arrested 35 protesters during a rowdy demonstration. arson investigators are trying to determine what caused -- what caused eight u-haul trucks to catch fire. it started at a u-haul facility near 237. about two dozen people had to be evacuated over concerns of a nearby propane tank. and a cut, cap and balance
8:47 am
plan is expected to fail in the senate president obama praised a bipartisan proposal that could cut the deficit over the next ten years. the same-sex marriage debate is happening right now on capitol hill. claudine wong is live in our newsroom with mor on the -- with more on the california senator behind the efforts and how the president is reacting. >> reporter: right now, the senate judiciary committee is holding the hearing for the bill named the respective marriage act. >> in sickness and in meth, until death they do part. >> reporter: the bill is sponsored by california senator dianne feinstein. that was feinstein at the press club in washington yesterday. president obama has thrown his support behind the bill.
8:48 am
the bill would extend full federal benefits to married comes nationwide, regardless of their sexual orientation. feinstein says the law does not force anyone to recognize same- sex marriage. new york for first time will perform same-sex marriage. so many people want to get married on sunday, the city is going to a lottery system only 764 ceremonies can be performed, the mayor said. if you head to the castro, you may seeel is brating there. the -- celebrating there. the plan is to raise awareness to new york's same-sex marriage
8:49 am
ceremony. back to you. this morning, vallejo police are investigating the death of a woman found in a motel parking lot. it happened around 11:30 last night at the deluxe inn on solano avenue. police say when any arrived, they found the woman -- when any arrived, they found the woman -- when any arrived they -- when they arrived she was suffering from a gunshot wound. she was 30. her identity is being held until her family is notified. if convicted of the november 2009 attack, major nadal hassan could face the death penalty. a senate report released earlier this year says signs were missed that hassan had -- had become an islamic extremist. a texas man who wanted to avenges the 9/11 terrorist
8:50 am
attacks is scheduled to die this evening. he will be executed by lethal injection. he admits to filling two men near dallas in the weeks of following -- following attacks. a man who survived the shooting is suing the state to spare the killer's life. a solano county jury awarded more than $29 million to the victims of a crash that killed two children. in november of it 2006, nicole buch chi fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into another vehicle in fairfield. he was convicted in the deaths of the children but jurors also said caltrans has failed to make road inprime -- road improvements such as installing a median.
8:51 am
the last remaining yugoslavia, wanted for atrocities stemming from a conflict between croatia between 1991 and 1995 when he to the against the independence. fought against the independence. a you u-haul worker made a discovery yesterday and police stay a van had been parked there for about a week and had four parking tickets on the windshield. investigator the are trying to determine the cause of death but they do not suspect foul play. breaking news from san francisco. kraig degrow has just arrived at the intersection of mission and fremont where police are
8:52 am
investigating a very serious accident. kraig, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, it's very serious. en this is a fatal accident. it involved this truck right here, this white truck and a bicyclist. according to the inspector i spoke with a truck was going southbound, a bike northbound, the bockists, it looks like, turned in front of the court, the court -- truck, the truck hit. you did get an idea of the impact this woman had on the truck. we don't know speeding or anything like that. i did speak to somebody no said he saw what happened here t didn't want to speak with us on cam today but he told us -- he wanted to make sure that i knew one ning and that is the woman was not -- was not wearing a bicycle helmet. back to you. >> kraig, can you give us a
8:53 am
sense. traffic, whether it's impacted in that area? >> it is for a block on either side -- i misspoke earlier. i -- i said howard and mission. it's actually fremont and mission. traffic is impacted -- if you are getting off the freeway coming down the bridge, you ke soot -- you can see the cars and this is being greatly impacted. >> busy area, busy time of the morning. once again a fatal accident, a bicyclist killed after being hit by a truck at mission and fremont. 8:53. a house of worship becomes a crime scene. the bay area break-in that's making many people angry.
8:54 am
completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits
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with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
8:56 am
sheriff deputies in san mateo kook are now looking for the burglar -- county are now look for the burglars who broke into the rec room on woodstock road at the church. investigators say they pried into the side door and made off with thousands of dollars of electronic equipment. they also stole a dvd player. authorities are hoping witnesses would step forward. we took this video a little
8:57 am
while ago. unflush wedding day for one -- an unusual wedding day for one bride who spent start of -- who pent -- who pent part of her wedding day in jail. she's wanted on a three-year warrant on felony identity theft theft. police say she -- police say she refused to change out of her wedding dress for her booking. two bay area cities are mock the top ten most walk panel cities. san francisco came in second onlyout scored by new york city. oakland ranked 10th over all -- overall. it's been a rough morning especially for the folks in the south bay. now we're talking about south of market in san francisco. mission and fremont mike and tori. we have a fatal accident, a bicyclist was killed when it was hit by this truck you see in the intersection. major delays to muni in the
8:58 am
area. we have a fatal accident in santa clara along southbound 101 busy traffic still untwining 0 -- still unwinding from this. it's been very slow. 880 very slow through the area. newschopper 2, we have it on the way to a bay rescue in san francisco bay. we'll see more of that on the noon news. let's go to steve. sunny, warm to hot. thank you. [ laughter ] >> tums is up -- that sums it up very nice. >> that's all the time i have. >> that's all the time we have.
8:59 am
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